Container has arrived! - Timor Leste - February 2013

Packing the container

Unpacking the container!

Shipment to Tonga

The goods arrived in Tonga in October 2012 and were received by the Red Cross Society of Tonga. The cost of this shipment was $9,868.67. The shipment contained:

- 43 hospital mattresses
- 11 Filing cabinets
- 4 baby strollers
- 51 boxes of children's books
- 593 boxes of medical supplies and toys

From Left to Right: Director of Health, Tonga Red Cross Chairlady and the Secretary General.

Since the container arrived Eva Tu'uholoaki, Program Manager, Tonga Red cross Society advised that all the goods have been checked and properly stored. She said "Thank you and your foundation for your heartfelt assistance to Tonga Red Cross and the Tongan people as a whole. I wish a good year and may we continue to our good working relationship."

5/09/12 Marsh Foundation Warehouse

A wonderful day was had by all on 5th September 2012 out at the warehouse. We packed 647 boxes, 43 mattresses, prams, filing cabinets and much more onto a container which is now heading to Tonga.

A great big thankyou to all!